Beautiful. Black. Men.

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Raleigh Ritchie for Fiasco Magazine



Kid Cudi looking like a motherfuckin’ babe at Coachella 4/13/14


male crop tops are hittin the straight men im pumped 4 this revolution

I’m tryna pinch that ass


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 Fashion x Luxury x Girls

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PIC 1: “You’re hungover and pop to the shops in your dressing gown, only to bump into a ridiculously hot woman…”
PIC 2: “You’re the devoted father of six-year-old twins, watching as they forget their lines in their first school play…”
Idris Elba, Bafta Nominees 2011 photoshoot

'Gallen and I are mapping the alignment of pagan burials, and megalithic structures with the constellations.'

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charles michael davis → paleyfest 2014

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